5 Presentations that will Tug at your Emotions

Here at SlideBot, we live and breathe all things presentation-ey. Today, we would like to share with you what we consider to be our favourite talks that pull on those heart-strings. Grab the box of tissues and enjoy the following talks:

Kevin Briggs – The Bridge Between Suicide and Life

Kevin Briggs is a retired Sergeant of the California Highway Patrol. For many years Sergeant Briggs patrolled the southern end of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, a popular site for suicide attempts. This is a powerful, intense and very personal talk where Briggs shares his stories of speaking with people standing on the edge of life. He also gives very frank advice to those who know someone who may be on this same path.

Vincent Cochetel – I was held hostage for 317 days. Here’s what I thought about…

Vincent Cochetel was held hostage for 317 days in 1998, while working for the UN High Commissioner on Refugees in Chechnya. Very few people will ever know exactly what Vincent went through over the course of his capture, but this talk provides a rare insight into the mind of a man who has been through complete and utter darkness to found his way out.

Lisa Kristine – Photos that bear witness to Modern Slavery

Photographer Lisa Kristine has been documenting the unbearably harsh realities of modern-day slavery for the past 2 years. She lets her pictures do the talking as she casts light on the plight of the 27 million enslaved men, women and children worldwide.

Leslie Morgan Steiner – Why domestic violence victims don’t leave

Leslie Morgan Steiner speaks incredibly candidly about her experience with domestic violence. She speaks to the importance of understanding that this issue doesn’t discriminate between race, religion, income or education level. She tells her confronting story as a 22 year old who was madly in love with a man who routinely abused her and threatened her life. Throughout, she attempts to correct misconceptions many people hold about victims of domestic violence, and most importantly explains how we can all help break the silence.

Brené Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

This is one of our all-time favourite TED talks. In this talk, Brené Brown discusses her insights into human connection; encompassing our ability to empathize, belong and love. She shares her personal struggle to understand herself as she sought to understand humanity. It’s funny. It’s deep. Give it a look.

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