– Bullet points - Is it still okay to use them?

In the past, there has been a heavy reliance on bullet points to organize presentations, particularly-so in the professional space. In recent times, however, presenters have begun shifting gears and are now warming up to using visuals as the chosen medium to convey their ideas. So on behalf of all audience members, I’d like to express how truly grateful we are for this transition!

The use of diagrams as a way of visualizing your idea is a great way to convey your message without falling back into the bullet-point rut. Just too take a step back, diagrams are used primarily to visualise the connections between ideas as well as to easily illustrate different processes. So if you’re looking for a way to demonstrate relationships between various points/ideas, diagrams should be your first point-of-call.

But, if you have traditionally relied on bullet points as the basis for most of your presentations, don’t worry, there are still ways to utilize them and have an awesome presentation. The secret is to know how to effectively use them whilst still engaging with your audience.

3 Tips to make bullet points more potent for your presentation

  1. Make your bullet points stand out

If you are including bullets in your presentation, ensure key sections of the bullet points are well highlighted. You can use a different font or bold the crucial points. But please don’t make the error of highlighting the entire sentence or paragraph, this will have the same effect as if you hadn’t highlighted anything at all.

  1. Use icons to add emphasis to bullet points

Icons are a great way to add some spice to your bullet-point list. However, when choosing which icons to use, make sure they are congruent with your intended message. For example, obviously an icon of a giraffe will not be relevant in a business context, so just be true to your message and this will add value to your presentation.

Remember, anything that you add to (or remove from) your slide should enhance your audience’s grasp of your message.

  1. Let each bullet point have its own slide

For clarity and to avoid having ugly and squeezed slides with too much content, try to have each slide focus on an individual bullet point. We realise this is not always possible, however when you put less content in a slide, it becomes much more clear for the audience to focus in on your message.

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