Top 4 Most Engaging Tech Announcements

When you spend millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of dollars on a product, you want the world to gasp with awe and excitement the first time they lay eyes on it. Tech product announcements have evolved over the years to become fantastic examples of beautiful, engaging (and sometimes theatrical) presentations. We have put together a list of those that we consider to be the most engaging and well produced presentations that have found a wonderful balance of visuals, music and narrative. Enjoy the outfits, the haircuts and, of course, the presentations themselves!

Elon Musk – The Tesla Powerwall

This is a great example of a minimalist presentation style that looks beautiful and keeps the slide content to simply the key points/data, which are then expanded upon by Elon. It is utilising a very simple sales structure of: identify the problem, identify why there is a need to address this problem, what is the solution. Well Played Tesla.

Steve Jobs – The First iPhone

Apple presentations have become iconic for many reasons; whether its the product itself, the unique ways they introduce the product to the audience, the buzz and hype they create beforehand or simply the casual attire of those presenting. But one thing that is often overlooked and that I’d ask you to note as you watch this video: Steve jobs has an incredibly engaging presentation style. His use of pause creates a sense of anticipation, leaving the audience holding onto every word that he speaks. He speaks with a confidence that says ‘you’re welcome’, which makes us feel privileged for having heard it. Take note, this is how you engage an audience.

Google Glass

When I previously mentioned theatrical, this is clearly the presentation I was talking about. They have employed the use of skydiving, wing suits, abseiling and mountain biking to unveil Google Glass. They have used these in a way that shows the capabilities of the product, which making it almost impossible to take your eyes off. A very clever and entertaining launch.

Microsoft Holo Lens

Whilst this is not the strongest presentation in terms of public speaking (as I feel his presentation-style is not particularly engaging), it is however,  a great example of how you can let a product do all the talking. The focus on videos and demonstrating the product is enough to make this presentation a success. The lesson to learn is: know what your strong points are (e.g. product, content, delivery, entertainment, etc) and that will help you find the most engaging way to delivery your message.