How Colors can Reinforce your Message

Visualize a world without colors.

A world that is now in shades of grey… in monochrome… finally a world that is bursting with colors.

Notice the difference in each frame?

Your brain thrives on visual effects. Colors or the lack of it affects your reaction to people, objects, ideas, and the environment around you.

The black-white version may have intrigued you. A richer palette is more likely to draw others’ attention. Colors are known to effect to your mood, the way you perceive things and your acceptance or approval..

What holds true for the real world holds true for your slide decks.

Your slide colors can help impress your audience, and encourage communication and understanding.

Every time you shift to a different color or different hue you are creating interest. It’s a subtle thing but it builds content.

– Clyde Aspevig, Painter

Brand concepts

If you are promoting a minimalistic lifestyle or your company is famous for simplified designs and concepts, slides with black-and-white or two contrast colors work well to support and emphasize your idea.

Your audience will appreciate your use of minimal, unusual color combinations that relate to your brand or product line. However, you must be careful, as an effusion of colors can confuse your brand image. You may be aiming for a youthful image, but others may see it as childish and immature.

Background and textures

Use contrast colors and dark backgrounds to surprise or shock your audience. A black or red background with keywords in white or light shades creates a visually striking image, and makes the audience sit up and take notice.

If you want to reinforce trust and stability in your brand or product, choose cool or neutral colors as background colors.

Certain background textures clash with text fonts and make it difficult to read what is on the slide. People tend to scan slides before focusing back on the presenter in a live session. Heavy background textures can drown out the text and disrupt this flow.

Color Combination

According to research studies, almost 8% of Caucasian men have some form of color blindness. Avoid red-green combination in your slide decks if you are presenting to a larger crowd as is it likely that some members in your audience will find it impossible to follow your presentation. Purple and blue, brown and green, blue and black combos have a similar negative effect for the color-blind, and can be jarring for a person with normal vision.

Colors for emphasis

Brighter colored text conveys your message clearly to the audience. Use a different color to highlight important concepts or keywords. This technique helps your audience understand and remember your core message.

Color associations depend on society, culture, and nationality of the audience. Keep this mind when you use certain colors for emphasis.

When used right, colors can sell products and ideas. They can make your message easier to understand and your audience more receptive to participate. Don’t underestimate them.

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