5 Presentations By People That Will Inspire You

Inspiration is something we seek everyday here at SlideBot. We look to as many sources as possible to inspire us to not only be better at what we do and, but to be different. These are some of our favourites that we turn to as we look to make a difference. Enjoy…

Hugh Evans: What Does It Mean to Be a Citizen of the World?

We live in a diverse world with countless different cultures and nations spread among all the continents. There is a lot that makes us unique, but there is one thing that we all have in common: we’re all human. That’s what Hugh Evans believes should matter the most. This humanitarian started a global movement with the sole goal to unite people from all over the globe and force our leaders to look at the bigger picture. Climate change, poverty, the breaching of human rights; these are the real enemies out there and we must fight them together.

Cesar Harada: How I Teach Kids to Love Science

From all the forces in this world, there is one that has undoubtedly made our lives better: science. It’s the reason why the world is a much better place today and most of us have countless opportunities. The inventor Cesar Harada knows that and he dedicated his life to teaching kids to love science. In his unique classroom, the children use all kinds of materials and tools to invent solutions for the world’s oceans.

Jedidah Isler: The Untapped Genius that Could Change Science for Better

Some people just can’t be stopped by any boundaries and prejudices. The astrophysicist Jedidah Isler is one of the brightest examples out there. When she started dreaming about physics, there were only 18 black women that had ever earned a Ph.D in this discipline in the United States. It seemed like a tough task, but Jedidah graduated Yale against all the odds. Her story is a proof that, indeed, nothing’s impossible if you work hard and give your best.

Jim Simons: A Rare Interview with the Mathematician Who Cracked Wall Street

Wall Street is almost like a mythical place to most of us. We don’t really know what happens there and how it works. Not for the cryptographer Jim Simons, though. One day he realized that the complex math he was using to break codes could find patterns in the world of finance. His fortune of a couple of billion dollars proves he was right and now this genius uses it to support the science that made him rich.

Sakena Yacooby: How I Stopped the Taliban From Shutting My School

Even in the darkest moments of human history, there are men and women who fight for their beliefs and are not afraid to stand up against the regime. The Afghani educationalist Sakena Yacooby is one of them. When the Taliban shut all the girl’s schools in her home country, she secretly kept teaching many men and women. Her story is truly amazing and pinpoints the path to rebuild a country that has suffered so much.