5 Presentations That Take You On An Adventure

Every now and then we all crave a break from our every day lives and long for an adventure. Something different. We’ll for this post, we’ve found 5 people who have decided to make their adventures happen. You should note the effective use of imagery and storytelling in these presentations – its captivating! Enjoy…

Andres Ruzo: How I Found a Mythical Boiling River in the Amazon?

Little kids are easy to impress and that’s what happened to Andres Ruzo. After hearing a legend about a boiling fire river deep in the Amazon from his grandfather, Andres decided that one day, he would make it his mission to find it. He became a geoscientist and fulfilled his dream more than 10 years later. Who would’ve thought that are still such amazing places that are yet hidden despite all the technology we have?

Guillaume Nevy: The Exhilarating Peace of Freediving

Is there a better guide to freediving than the world champion? Guillaume Nevy shares his deeply emotional and intimate perspective of the ocean. Take a look at freediving through his eyes and experience a kind of peace that can’t be found anywhere else. Guillaume will open your eyes to you a world that most of us will never see firsthand.

Lewis Pugh: My Mind-Shifting Everest Swim

Climbing the Everest seems like an impossible achievement to most people. But swimming in a lake there sounds downright insane. Not for Lewis Pugh! After all, we are talking about a man who swam the North Pole. He took on another adventure that changed him forever by taking a swim in the Lake Imja in the Himalayas. Watch his fascinating story and see how it affects you and your perception of global warming.

Roz Savage: Why I Am Rowing Over the Pacific?

Quitting your job to do something amazing is a dream of most people. Not for Roz Savage. She made this her reality when she quit her job in London to become an ocean rower. Her first target which she successfully navigated was the Atlantic. But thats not enough for Roz. The Pacific is next and at the time of this presentation, she was just starting the third leg of this journey. She gives us an insight into her deeply personal reasons for doing this, which gets you to question your own reasons for not.

Bill Stone: I Am Going to the Moon. Who’s with Me?

Bill Stone already explored most of the deepest places on Earth. There’s barely a cave the guy didn’t visit, but it’s not enough for him. The next target? The Moon. Yes, you heard that right. Bill dreams of going to the Moon and mining lunar ice which he wants to use for space fuel. Then, he plans to use it to explore Jupiter. Watch his inspiring presentation that proves there isn’t and shouldn’t be a limit to your dreams.

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