Checklist You Must Always Complete Prior To Presenting

Your presentation speech is ready, the decks are done and your team has scooped out the venue.

You’ve checked and marked everything on the to-do list in the days leading up to the presentation.

But something still remains. As you call it a day and switch off your laptop, it hits you – your device hasn’t been certified presentation ready.


  • If you still use a screensaver on your laptop, deactivate it during the presentation. You don’t want your audience to see irrelevant pictures on the big screen.
  • Switch off all instant messaging apps and email clients on your device. An unexpected call or ping make your presentation look unprofessional. More important; you don’t want to be the one causing the distraction.
  • Disable all applications that make your device to run slower. Ensure your tablet or phone is fully charged. Take a backup of your files and relevant presentation apps on USB and bring it along.
  • Double check your laptop or iPad ‘sleep’ settings to ensure it doesn’t go into sleep mode during periods of device inactivity during the presentation.
  • If you use PowerPoint for presentations, ensure you’ve activated the presenter view. Make sure that your device’s display resolution matches that of the projector.
  • When you have an audience waiting for the presentation to begin, try to display some background images on the projector. Your audience doesn’t have to contend with a blank screen. Alternatively, you can use one slide that primes them for your presentation; “have you ever considered….”


When you’re presenting to a large audience, some members or invitees may not be able to attend in person. Broadcast your presentation by sharing links to your slideshow with the remote audience. This also helps your live audience stay focused on the presentation, instead of checking other stuff on their devices.


You bring your own device to the venue, and want to either remain seated or move across the room while presenting. To enable smooth sync of slides, use a projector remote or a streaming device. This wirelessly connects your laptop or smartphone with bigger display.

Don’t forget to check hardware, software and internet connections to make sure everything works before the actual presentation.

Is your device ready for the next presentation? Do you have any suggestions to add?

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