5 Presentations About Modern-Day Robots

Here at SlideBot, we clearly have a love for robots – for those of you who don’t know, we created a tool (or more precisely, a robot) that creates unique presentations for our users based on whatever text they upload. So, we thought for this post we would show you some of the awesome other robots that have been created that you may not know about. Enjoy…

Auke Ijspeer: A Robot That Runs and Swims Like a Salamander

This fascinating presentation will make you familiar with the work of roboticist Auke Ijspeer who specializes in designing animal biorobots. We are used seeing robots being humanoid, but the expert in biology and computational neuroscience has different ideas. His creations do not just mimic the behavior of animals, but have the same neurostructure and are more than capable to adapt to various environments. They can help us in many practical ways, but also reveal some secrets about how the spinal cord works.

Vijay Kumar: The Future of Flying Robots

Drones have become so popular in the last couple of years, that you can easily get one for yourself. The dean of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and roboticist Vijay Kumar will show you the bee-inspired flying robots he and his team developed. They can map, reconstruct and analyze all kinds of plants to help farmers improve their land and harvests. The presentation is truly stunning, as Vijay shows live examples of the robots during his Ted talk.

Guy Hoffman: Robots with Souls

Ever since science fiction introduced the concept of robots to the world, the mechanical beings are becoming more and more popular. At some point, they came out of books and movies and entered our daily lives. Through the whole process, there has been one vital question: can robots have a soul or are they just a machine? The roboticist Guy Hoffman, who’s also an animator and a jazz musician will show you that the robots can be much more than an AI programmed to complete a certain task. Watch his family of robots who are different, colorful and have a soft spot for jamming.

Markus Fischer: A Robot That Flies Like a Bird

Another presentation on flying robots, but this time it’s not inspired by bees, but by seagulls. Markus Fischer and his company specialize in aerodynamics and they used their knowledge to create SmartBird, an ultralight, energy-efficient mechanical bird. Learn more about the purpose and the process behind the construction of this next generation robot. You will also see it in action flying around the room under the amazed looks of the public.

Henry Evans and Chad Jenkins: Meet the Robots for Humanity

Robots have often been described as a huge threat to humanity, but is that really the case? The story of Henry Evans is a great illustration that they can actually help humanity.  He was paralyzed by a stroke, but got a new life thanks to a robot created by Chad Jenkins and his crew. The Robots for Humanity group developed this mechanical sidekick for Henry, personalized it to fulfill his needs and help him in his everyday life. A fascinating tale about a man and his robot that proves that humanity and machines can live together.

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