How To Convert A Good Slide Deck Into An Excellent Presentation

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

– George S Patton



A presentation basically flops when your audience gets restive or bored with your topic. You can sense that, yet force yourself to continue, furtively waiting to get through the rest of your content. Everyone is waiting for this…

Your slides are great. You have followed effective design techniques. The colours represent your brand and the fonts are legible. The visuals have been carefully chosen, and the data is solid and condensed to essentials.

And yet; your audience isn’t impressed. Neither with your pitch or your message.

What are two missing pieces in this puzzle?


A good story can mesmerise even the most tuned-out audience.

When you entwine your information around familiar and powerful tales, you encourage listeners to understand, remember, and empathise.

Think Greek or Nordic heroes and Shakespeare’s memorable characters. Even Harry Potter or Hunger Games.

An emotionally invested audience member thinks in terms of threats and possible outcomes. Persuading them to follow your roadmap or suggestions will become a lot easier.

A striking and relevant story turns your great slides into a memorable presentation. Use your visuals to help support your narrative. At SlideBot, we love this! There are so many images out there that can help you move between sections of your story… Use them!



A great presenter knows what is most important – audience participation. Pay attention to what your listeners want and give them exactly that.

Sometimes your audience isn’t sure about what they require or are unwilling to take action. Let your goals match their needs and gently remove any resistance on their part. But how should we do this?


  • A strong opening that encourages them to warm up to your idea. This takes them from a broad overview to the specifics.
  • A content structure that best fits your message. This could be transforming research into examples and case studies for some of you. For others; it involves tapping into pain or pleasure points and providing viable solutions or alternatives.
  • A passionate or inspired approach to presenting. Immerse yourself in the topic. Show your curiosity and interest for the ideas presented. If you’re not convinced about your facts, products or solutions, you can’t stir others’ emotions or motivate them. Let them see your passion.

An impressive slide attracts the audience but a captivating presentation makes them see their world a little differently.

Do you need help in converting your slides into a presentation?

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