5 Funny Presentation Disasters

Distracting audience members, technical difficulties, missing ques…we have all experienced that moment when your presentation turns into a disaster. Luckily there is always something worse that could have happened. Perhaps these disasters will remind you that the presentation disaster you experienced could have always been worse.

Michael Bay Fail at CES 2014

Most people don’t like Michael Bay and accuse him of making bad movies that only rely on special effects. But such a successful director couldn’t be that bad, right? Well, if you look at his Samsung presentation at CES 2014, that’s obviously not the case. He is totally incapable of improvising when things don’t go as planned and even leaves the scene at the end! That surely didn’t improve his image.


Redmond Guys: Surface – The “iPad Killer”

Many companies have tried to beat Apple and take some of their market share with their own smartphones and tablets. Some of them had success, others not so much. Microsoft developed Surface and branded it the “iPad Killer”, but if you watch this presentation by Redmond Guys, you’ll hardly get convinced that’s the case. The poor guy is desperately trying to show the device’s features to the public and is met with failure. The iPad lives on.

Steve Jobs Presents iPhone 4

Steve Jobs is an undisputed genius and the main driving force behind Apple’s success, may he rest in peace. Besides his constant strive for technical innovation, he was famous for his ability to lift crowds. There are many successful public speeches and presentations behind his back, but no one is immune to failure. Take a look at this presentation of iPhone 4 when the Wi-Fi fails twice! Awkward.

Windows 98 Presentation Fail

We’ve all seen it – the blue screen when Windows breaks. It’s been the source of plenty of jokes and endless frustration with the famous Microsoft product. It’s no surprise to see it during a Windows 98 presentation about 20 years ago. This really didn’t help the cause of Bill Gates; you can see the reaction of the crowd who are finding the whole situation hilarious.

Apple Rap Music Fail

Engaging the crowd is a great way to succeed with your presentation and get under their skin. Apple decided to do it by using some music in this 2016 presentation. Whether it’s the song choice or something else, it was a monumental failure. You can feel the awkwardness around the audience despite the presenter’s effort to stay funny.

Do you have any funny presentation disasters that you would like to share?

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