You’ve planned your presentation to the T.

But things go wrong on the day you’re supposed to speak in front of an interested audience.

You get half your allotted time and have to devise ways to deliver value. This may call for mercilessly chopping down big parts of your presentation.

The audience enjoys the shortened version, but you feel bad about not providing the comprehensive information they deserved.

I wrote about ways to cut content in a previous post. This post shows you how to deliver that content to the audience, post presentation.

“Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.”

– Nelson Boswell

Don’t fret when your presentation doesn’t go as planned. Here are 5 ways you can distribute your omitted content.


Most presenters use handouts as a content delivery method.

You can announce this before you start your speech, informing your audience about the handouts and allowing them to develop further understanding of the content personally relevant to them.

Create a handout with the extra content and send it to participants via email. Avoid sending just the PowerPoint slides that you didn’t use. The handout should contain in-depth content mentioned in the deleted slides.


When you’re presenting at conferences, training sessions or seminars, you have the option of continuing your presentation the next day.

While it may not always be feasible, you can try to deliver the remaining modules during this period. Ask your audience whether they are willing to come in a bit early to listen to part two.


Do you have deleted training or other modules from the original presentations?  You can create videos out of these modules, upload them to a video-sharing site, and send the link to participants. This allows them to check the modules at their convenience and view them at their own pace.


If your presentation topic is largely based on a book you’ve written, use this technique to compensate your audience for undelivered information.

Offer to send them physical or digital copies of the relevant book. You can make digital copies of your book available on a specific landing page as a free download for participants-only.


Why not create a new podcast from the chopped content? Base your podcast on the material from your extra content and email the link to participants.  You can embed the podcast within your website and allow participants to download it.


Have you deleted content from your presentations? What is your favourite method of delivering this additional material to you audience?

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