Virtual Reality is a very real thing. Its applications are only restricted by our own innovation. What may be perceived as a platform for leisure and gaming is actually a unique medium full of potential. These 5 TED talks will inform you of the capabilities on virtual reality and some of its groundbreaking applications.

Michael Bodekaer: This Virtual Lab Will Revolutionize Science Class

Michael Bodekaer is the typical modern entrepreneur – a guy who’s driven by his desire to innovate and change the world. His presentation advocates that virtual reality is not only about gaming and recreation, it can be a powerful education tool as well. Michael will show you his ideas about building a virtual reality lab that would change science classes for good. It’s a great way to make it exciting for the kids and help them fall in love with science.

Nonny de la Pena: The Future Of News? Virtual Reality

With today’s technology news reporting and journalism is getting more and more interactive. The virtual reality pioneer Nonny de la Pena is developing a new way to report news – to actually experience it. In the not-so-distant future, we will be able to live each news story. This will change journalism forever.

Chris Milk: How Virtual Reality Can Create The Ultimate Empathy Machine

A truly mind-blowing presentation by Chris Mill who’s changing storytelling as we know it. His main goal is to show our humanity in the best way possible, virtual reality is an exciting tool for the job. Take a look at his latest movies that involve stars like Kanye West and you will be astonished by his work.

Chris Milk: The Virtual Reality As An Art Form

If you liked the first presentation of Chris Milk, you should definitely see this one as well. The guy really knows how to use virtual reality and this time he will show you how it all began. Milk decided he wanted to live art from his first experience of it, now he can make that dream a virtual reality. It really seems that movies, music and virtual reality will bond to create an immersive and interactive new form of art.

Jinha Lee: Reach Into The Computer And Grab A Pixel

As the title of this presentation suggests, you will witness the unique ideas of Jinha Lee in an interaction between virtual and physical reality. The user experience designer dreams of a future that binds the two realities, you will see some of the ways he believes it will happen. Don’t you want to be able to just reach out and start doing things within your computer?


Have you learnt something about virtual reality? Have your opinions towards it changed?

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