As a presenter, you’re constantly looking for ways to make your presentation stand out. You also want your audience to understand your message.

From rich imagery to captivating narratives you have many options to attract your listeners’ attention and elicit a response.

Short videos can create the impact and deliver the results you’re looking for. But how exactly can this medium work for you?


Add a feather to storytelling

Stories motivate and inspire people. When you add still images to the narrative, the effect is doubled. Your audience is actually immersed in the experience, even though they remain passive participants. When you use video to tell your story, the impact is amplified.

To get the most out of it, restrict your video to a maximum of 2 minutes. Break a longer clip into smaller segments and spread them across your presentation.


COnnects audience to MESSAGE

From your own experiences I’m sure you will all know that human brains respond more to visual stimuli. Your audience finds it easier to comprehend data in the form of an image over text. Short clips help you push the envelope a little further.

With product demos, interviews, user reactions and projects in motion, your audience gets a better idea about your service, idea, strategy or vision.


Breaks Monotony

Today’s audience tends to get easily distracted.  A non-stop series of slides with figures and statements can be the breaking point for many of them. A relevant short clip provides a temporary respite which is still productive and keeps your audience focused on the presentation.

The key is to add a video that connects to your overall message. Aim for one of these – humorous tone, informative slant or exciting touch.


Tap INTO the right Emotions

Visual media invariably evokes emotional responses from your audience. Whether this is positive or negative depends on what you want to achieve with your topic.

People react strongly to what they see or feel more than what they hear or read. Videos can push them to take action or press the Yes button. Use this visual medium in sales or investor presentations to make your pitch stronger and improve conversions.


Do you think videos have a role to play in presentation effectiveness? Have you used short clips to emphasize your point?


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