“Everyone shines, given the right lighting.”

– Susan Cain

Introverts understand an extrovert’s enthusiasm and energy, even as they are misunderstood by others. You may admire these skills in impressive presenters and public speakers.

On the other hand, your thought process, audience engagement techniques, and delivery skills differ from someone who is outgoing.  This makes live presentations that much harder to handle.

How do you channel this alternative way of preparing and processing information?


Accept the distinction

Although being around people drains your energy, you can keep at it for some time. See this as a temporary attempt at playing an extrovert – expert, exponent or creative on stage. You’ve been invited to present because you are skilled at something and have valuable information to share.


Prepare to keep anxiety at bay

Self-doubt, anxiety and nervousness are natural reactions for someone who is about to present. You can reduce the impact of these negative elements by prepping. Spend time creating the material and refining it. Practice your speech until you can deliver it in your sleep.


Use a PERSONALISED approach

Choose a presentation topic that is close to your heart or one you know well enough. The idea of selling a speech across the country may not appeal to you. Stick to small audiences, training sessions and intimate workshops.

If you have to present before a bigger audience of 200 or more people, focus more on your subject expertise and audience needs.


Turn your working style into a weapon

Use your analytical and introspective skills to dig deep into the topic. Come up with new or unique insights. Create a presentation that makes your audience think.

Your ability to listen can prove useful in Q&A sessions and panel discussions. Your thought provoking queries can help you connect with the audience and encourage them to interact.


Tap into your creative spark

Introverts spend a lot of time thinking things through. Many of you follow creative pursuits in your alone time. Reveal your artistic flair with attractive slide designs. Craft your content and create contemplative stories that blend with your message.


Embrace these abilities and use them to enhance your presentation.


What are the presentation challenges you’ve faced as an introvert?

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