“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.”

-Gary Vaynerchuk

Some professionals straddle both sides of the stage with ease as presenters and audience.  This puts them in a unique positon to know what works in a presentation and what doesn’t.

You may have witnessed the effects of an inspiring video on other audience members, this prompts you to add one to your own presentation.

Visual media has that inimitable power of drawing in viewers, retaining their interest and persuading them.

Used correctly, videos have the potential to take your presentation to the next level.


The Trick is to Know:

How to grab attention

Where to draw the line


Relevant and Supportive

Use videos only when it adds value to your presentation. A good clip merely explains or supports a point you make. It should never be the vehicle that delivers your entire message. That job belongs to the show’s star – YOU – the presenter.

Scenario Boost

Add videos at certain points during your speech to evoke specific reactions, explain technical details, expand on your message, or provide practical examples and testimonies. From explainer videos and real-life case studies to customer reaction and expert interviews, you have endless options.

Break TIME

With info-dense presentations, your audience require frequent pauses to soak up data. Short humorous videos (appropriate for the theme) provide the much needed break. Make sure you don’t stray too far from your theme or go off tangent with your video content.

Length MAtters

Long videos have their place and time. But your presentation isn’t one of them. Such videos suffer the fate of text-heavy slides and result in a mind-numbing session. Focus on information quality and ruthlessly edit your audiovisuals. Stay with 30-second or one-minute clips for shorter presentations and 5-minute movies for training sessions and workshops.

Download Options

Your audience may be inspired by a particular clip. Some may want to refresh their memory at a later date with a how-to or demo video. Earn brownie points by providing them with download options. Remember to compress longer videos for people with slower internet connections.

Video Marketing

A lot of company presentations are used for internal purposes or made offline. But your filmed material is probably kosher for public viewing.  Place links to relevant videos in other marketing material to tap into a wider audience. Viewers can retrieve useful information from an otherwise private presentation, or after you’ve pulled the plug on your time-bound webinar.


Do you add audiovisual clips to your presentations? Is there a secret tip you’d like to share with other presenters?

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