Most people are unhappy with their working environment to some extent. Whether it’s about productivity, creativity, the overall workflow or just annoying coworkers, we’ve all been there. Finding the right balance is important and today I will be showing you five presentations that will help you achieve it, especially if you’re a manager. Of course, the substance aside, you will also learn a thing or two about making a presentation compelling and attractive to the audience.


Margaret Heffernan: Forget The Pecking Order At Work

Each company has a hierarchy that it is crucial to the way the entire mechanism works. It is widely considered that such structures are the most efficient, but management expert Margaret Heffernan has a different idea. Her understanding of leadership and the driving factors behind the motivation of the employees will convince you that there are other ways to go. Building a team mindset and closeness is the key, see for yourself.


Linda Hill: How To Manage Collective Creativity

In a data-driven world and business environment, there’s a struggle for creativity and innovation. Finding a way to provoke those forces in people could be an issue. The Harvard professor Linda Hill spent time studying some of the most creative companies around the globe to find out. You can see the results in her compelling presentation.


Susan Colantuono: The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get

The internet is full of articles that promise to show you the path to career growth. To be honest, most of them consist of widely-known clichés that may or may not work. The Leadership expert Susan Colantuono certainly has something different to offer and I highly recommend you to check out her presentation. The presentations main target is women, but the advice that Susan has could help anyone out there, no matter the gender, age or position.


Yves Morieux: As Work Gets More Complex, 6 Rules To Simplify

Efficiency is the key to success at work. There are so many ways to organize your work process that it’s very challenging to pick the best one. The business consultant Yves Morieux believes that the old management techniques are falling behind the rapid change occurring in the global marketplace. He has six simple rules that are a result of his years of research. They apply to various aspects of your working environment and the enthusiasm of Yves will convince you to at least give it a shot.


Yves Morieux: How Too Many Rules At Work Keep You From Getting Things Done

Another presentation by Yves Morieux that continues where the previous one left off. Yves proves that he never stops searching for new ways to improve the corporate world, taking his original presentation a step further. His main point is that cooperation and teamwork are the primary driving factors behind efficient teams.


Are you happy with your working environment? Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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