Most presentations have the standard story structure – opening, middle and closing. Of course, there are others parts, including Q&A sessions, discussions or demos.

When you carefully combine these elements, your presentation becomes powerful. Your opening and closing words take this a step further, they make it memorable.

In this second part, you’ll find more ways to end your speech on a confident note.


6.    TWist Invite

Smart speakers know the power of phrases. They use the right ones to emphasize, reinforce or impress upon their audience.

You can twist popular quotes around to invite your listeners to take action.

If you’re presenting as a wellness coach, you can twist this famous line I came, I saw, I conquered into an invitation phrase. Persuade your audience to tackle their health problems head-on.


7.    Anecdote Closing

Anecdotes imprint an idea or message in the minds of listeners.  End your speech with a short narrative that either connects to your overall message, or future possibilities.

Example: If you’re addressing college students about personality development or social issues, use a relevant anecdote that encourages them to believe in themselves or raise their voice against an injustice.


8.   Quotes to Motivate

Presentations are often begun with a quote. End them with an equally motivating one. Use this as an erase button that removes resistance or as a key that unlocks the door to unexplored opportunities.


9.   CAtch Phrase finale

Another trick that presenters employ is to repeat a phrase throughout the presentation. They then ask audience members to complete this slogan at the conclusion.

This technique works when the slogan is relevant, easy to memorize, and strikes a chord with listeners. When it’s time to end your speech, ask them to finish the chosen phrase on your cue.


10.  Prop it up

Props are unusual and dramatic ways of ending your speech and retaining audience attention. The prop could be anything symbolic. Make your point stick by acting out your words.

Let’s say your giving a motivational speech to a group battling depression or addiction. Use a tattered robe and garbage bin as props. Compare the cloth to fears and unnecessary crutches holding them back. Dump the robe in the bin. Tell them they can cast away negative elements from their lives in the same manner.


11.  Refer to Inspiration

If you have used any storytelling techniques in your presentation, this closing technique lets your idea crystallize in listeners’ minds.

Example: You’re making a client presentation as a startup. Reference a book, movie or real-life success story in your closing statement that closely resembles your past, current or future.


The ending is one last arrow in your “attention grabbing” quiver, so aim well before you shoot it.

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