5 Presentations That Explain Why Social Media Works

With the rapid rise of the Internet, it was just a matter of time before our private social lives were expressed globally online. Although, I don’t think that anyone could’ve imagined how far social media would go. Nowadays, the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and countless other social platforms are thriving and there’s barely a person out there who’s not using them to some extent. In today’s post, I will be showing you five presentations that brilliantly explain the major driving forces behind social media. The presenters have found all kinds of interesting ways to display and represent their ideas, these may inspire your own presentations.


Jennifer Goldbeck: The Curly Fry Conundrum: Why Social Media “Likes” Say More Than You Might Think

All of us are constantly liking and commenting on different posts on Facebook and it’s perfectly harmless, right? Not according to computer scientist Jennifer Godlbeck. In her wonderful presentation, she will show you that some applications can learn a lot about you based on the simplest actions you perform on social media. It’s frightening, and will probably make you think twice next time you’re considering if you want to share or like a post.


Juan Enriquez: Your Online Life, Permanent As A Tattoo

Another presentation that serves as a warning that you shouldn’t be careless with social media. The futurist Juan Enriquez explains why everything you do on social media stays for good and can affect your future. He uses some interesting slides to prove his point and plenty of humor. The whole presentation is a good example how to be compelling with the help of various visual techniques that simultaneously entertain and educate the audience.


Adam Ostrow: After Your Final Status Update

Now that we have addressed the permanence of our social media presence and the effects this may have on our lives, it’s time to look at a different angle. Have you considered what happens to your social media image after you die? Journalist Adam Ostrow considered this and decided to deep dig to find out.  The results were fascinating and it seems your personality lives on. Adam’s presentation is full of interesting stats and examples that reinforce his ideas.


Wael Ghonim: Let’s Design Social Media That Drives Real Change

Social media is a powerful tool in various aspects of the world. Wael Ghonim reveals the role it played in the Arab Spring. He set up a simple Facebook page that contributed to the revolution but as the whole movement changed and became messy, the same happened with social media. Wael uses his experience to share a vision; how the Internet and social media can truly change people’s lives and the world.


Kevin Allocca: Why Videos Go Viral?

We’ve seen it again and again –  a certain video pops up out of nowhere and it suddenly is shared all over the Internet. It could be some cute cats, terrifying violence, beautiful art, pretty much anything. But what is it that makes a video go viral? Who else can better explain this phenomenon then a YouTube trends manager? Kevin Alloca’s presentation will answer your questions, he’s done a great job in adding several videos, slides, and charts that make it all easy to understand.


What presentation did you like the most? What are your thoughts on social media – how far should we go? Is there such a thing as “too far”?

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