“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.”

– Pablo Picasso

Some ideas are worth a presentation but the right audience may prove elusive.

Then there are ideas you’re passionate about, but don’t know how to transform them into credible speeches.


Sometimes you have a good topic in mind, but are unsure whether this would click with your audience.

Spot-on presentation topics:

  • Reveal your expertise
  • Fuel your passion
  • Provide value to your audience

What do you do when your topic falls outside this perfect zone?

content Expert but lackS passion

You know your subject well and your audience comes from far-flung places to hear you speak. But you’re bored of delivering presentations on this theme, and your body language reveals this lack of interest.

How can you revive your passion?

See the topic from the eyes of your audience – novices who want to find out more about this exciting theme. You’ll find a perspective you haven’t covered yet.


Passionate professional with limited audience support

You know the topic inside out and feel strongly about it. Your audience is a different story. They aren’t as receptive as you expected.

How do you win the battle?

If the topic is a great one, then you’ve won half the battle. To make it interesting for your audience, find common ground. Relate the subject with something they care about using allegories, anecdotes and corresponding experiences.


Interesting topic but lacking knowledge

You’ve been asked to deliver a presentation with a predetermined topic. You are as fascinated by the subject as your listeners. The only problem is you don’t know the topic well enough.

How to avoid sounding amateurish?

You can handle this in two ways:

  • Develop expertise by researching and preparing well. Use your passion and audience interest to motivate you.
  • If knowledge can’t be increased within a short span of time, turn your presentation into a discussion rather than a monologue.

While the second approach has its pitfalls, an enthusiastic audience will likely participate and respond with ideas and solutions of their own.


Interest based topics

You have the freedom to choose a speech topic. The only expectation is that this conforms to the overall theme. Your audience may or may not be fascinated by your choice. While you’re passionate about it, you’re clearly no expert.

How do you involve your audience and provide value?

Your passion can be your biggest weapon. Find out all you can about the topic. Choose an angle that may evoke curiosity in your listeners. Or search for reasons that can compel your audience to care.


Have you tried turning your idea into a perfect topic for your presentation?

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