5 Presentations That Prove We Can Learn From Everything Around Us

Learning and evolving are essential parts of our path. Improving our character and skills is the best way to improve the quality of your life in general. The following presentations will show you that you can learn a lot from pretty much anything around us. The wisdom is there; you just have to observe carefully to discover it.


Tom Hulme: What Can We Learn From Shortcuts?

Building a product that the people want, and would gladly buy, is the dream of any businessman. Tom Hulme is a designer and venturer that has something to say on the matter. It turns out, some of the best products out there were built out of necessity, when the communication between the seller and the buyer was easy and accessible. Customers just needed something and this lead to a fantastic result. Tom shows 3 examples and after seeing them, you will be able to find many others yourself.


Marlene Zuk: What We Learn From Insects’ Sex Life

Ok, it’s time to move from business to … insects having sex? The evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk’s presentation will show you just a fraction of the creative ways insects have sex. Apparently, we can learn a thing or two about creativity from the tiny creatures.


Heather Barnett: What Humans Can Learn From Semi-Intelligent Slime

It turns out that even the slime mold can teach you something. Nature has its curious ways to create order and this is a good example of that. The artist Heather Barnett co-creates with physarum plolycephalum, a eukaryotic microorganism. Take a look at her presentation and see what we can learn from the slime mold.


Henry Lin: What Can We Learn From Galaxies Far, Far Away

Many of the secrets of the universe that we are yet to understand are hiding in space. At a time when Elon Musk is targeting travels to Mars within a couple of years, we are on the brink of making a huge leap in the exploration of space. Even before that, we could learn quite. Henry Lin will prove this in his presentation. The award-winning student scientist will show us how the start can help us resolve some mysteries from our own world.


Adora Svitak: What Can Adults Learn From Kids

Usually, adults are the ones teaching the kids. As we all know, this is not always the case and sometimes the young ones are the ones we should follow. Especially when it comes to creativity, boldness and a happy, optimistic mindset. The incredible Adora Svitak can show you the way. The girl started blogging and writing short stories at the age of seven, so I recommend you to take her seriously.


Did you learn something from these presentations? Do you have your own story that helped you improve?

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