5 Presentations That Show Music Can Still Surprise You

Joey Alexander: An 11-year-old Prodigy Performs Old-school Jazz

Nowadays, we hear phrases such as “Music is dead” or “It was much better in the good old days” from individuals reminiscing and longing for the past. If you’re one of them, you’ll certainly be stunned by 11-year-old Joey Alexander. The kid was raised with his dad’s old records, jazz has become a part of his character. Witness the audience, fascinated with the performance of this prodigy.


Nicole Paris And Ed Cage: A Beatboxing Lesson From a Father-Daughter Duo

There are some people that don’t think beatboxing is music, but they probably haven’t seen anything like this. Ed Cage and his daughter Nicole Paris are masters of the technique and mix electronic sounds with rap beats for a unique blend. They are constantly performing and their TED presentation will convince you that beatboxing has its place in the modern music scene.


Bill T. Jones: The Dancer, The Singer, The Cellist … And a Moment Of Creative Magic

It was quite unclear what would happen when Joshua Roman, Somi and legendary choreographer Bill T. Jones met at the TED scene. The guys decided to show what improvised collaboration could lead to and produce a true moment of magic. The result is a stunning performance that they called “The Red Circle And the Blue Curtain”. The reactions of the public say all you need to know.


Sleepy Man Banjo Boys: Bluegrass Virtuosity From … New Jersey

The bluegrass is a typical American music style that mixes many cultural influences, this music couldn’t have originated anywhere else in the world. However, New Jersey is not really the place that is associated with bluegrass. That doesn’t mean anything for the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys Johnny, Robbie and Tommy Mizzone. The three New Jersey brothers started at a very young age and their band is an exciting mix between a guitar, a fiddle and a banjo. They perform three songs and you can easily see that the Mizzone brothers were born for this music.


Kaki King: A Musical Escape Into A World Of Light And Color

Guitarist Kaki King has a performance that will stun you on both visually and musically. The artist uses her guitar as a keyboard that will lead you to an exciting journey of light and color. Kaki herself calls it “guitar as a paintbrush”, it’s hard to disagree.


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