7 Design Styles To Inspire Your Corporate Presentation – Part 1

Presentations have become the norm in corporate settings. You meet up with others regularly to exchange ideas and share updates.

But with so many presentations being given, it can be hard to make them unique and interesting.

Your corporate audiences deserve something more than boring data sheets. This post shows you three new ways to redesign your slide deck.

Minimalist works

Minimalistic style focuses on what is needed rather than what you want to add. Think Scandinavian product design.

With this design technique, you create slide templates with a tidy and unpretentious look. Your audience is directed towards the main message contained in the slides.

You opt for smooth elements over decorations like 2d and 3d effects, shadows, shapes or reflections. While neutral or muted colours are preferred choices, use contrast shades and gradients to emphasise specific data or text elements.

A change in font, icon or background pattern enhances the look without taking attention away from essentials.

Go Bold To impress

This technique may raise eyebrows in business circles where conventional and staid are keywords.

Capture audience’s attention with bold colour and big image combos. So, how do you achieve this effect without appearing too flashy?

Make warm and rich colours your friend. Stick to one or two colours for your overall template design. Put hues, gradients and shadow effects to good use. Add subtlety without sacrificing vibrancy or shock value.

Use low contrast images where the black and white elements aren’t excessively dark or bright. If your prefect background image is high contrast, transparent overlays come to your rescue.

Choose Duotones for effect

Duotones are another design method to spruce up a dull slide deck. They can help you create the right emotional response for your product or brand.

Give existing patterned backgrounds or colourful picture slides a makeover. Turn these into two-colour backdrops.

Red, blue, black and yellow provide an awesome duotones effect. But, feel free to experiment with vibrant purples, orange, browns and greens.

Combine this with flat design or minimal style icons, regular typeface with white or black tones, and illustrations with clean lines.

Have you used any of these modern techniques? Which slide style would you use?

Want to learn a few more presentation design methods? Stay tuned for the next post.

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